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Move It Be Fit is a personal training and yoga studio ideally situated in southwest Durham, within 1 mile of the I-40 interchange, and we believe that we’re a whole new breed of personal training.  We don’t try to “wow” you or overwhelm you with every new gadget or gimmick on the market.  We simply try to help YOU be healthy and reach your fitness goals.


The fact is, we know that there are training facilities out there where the only thing personal is the check you write to them.  We’re not like that at Move It Be Fit.  We believe in individual goals, individual fitness levels and well…individuals.  We just want to help you attain the healthy level you need to enjoy YOUR life.

At Move It Be Fit, our personable, knowledgeable and friendly trainers will work with you to set your fitness goals and to put together well-rounded programs, involving studio workouts, self-guided workouts and nutritional changes* that enable you to reach your healthy lifestyle goals.  We focus on positive changes and on creating an encouraging and supportive atmosphere for our clients.  No one is “just a number” to us, and your personal training workouts can actually feel personalized.


  ”In 4 months I lost 12 pounds of fat equal to 6 inches in my hips, waist, and thighs.  My clothes fit very different now.  I pay more attention to what I eat because I keep a food journal that John reviews regularly.  He constantly amazes me with his knowledge of all things fitness!”          -Kimberly Isley, Durham, NC

Move It Be Fit, Inc    4810 Hope Valley Rd.   Durham, NC  27707   Ph.  919.210.4008    

Member of the Better Business Bureau
* The nutritional plan provided, although approved by a Registered Dietitian, is software generated. The plan you will be provided is based on a general weight loss plan designed for a healthy population in order to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. The diet plan is not based on an individual nutrition assessment and is not individualized to provide medical nutrition therapy or nutrition care services to manage, treat, or rehabilitate a medical condition, illness, or injury for a specific person or group. For medical advice or disease-specific nutritional counseling, you should consult your physician, a licensed dietitian/nutritionist or other licensed health care practitioner.